The Fremantle Doctor Windvane
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The Fremantle Doctor Wind Vane

The “Fremantle Doctor” is the sea breeze which cools Fremantle from late mornings on hot days.
The weathervane tail is the “Flying Fremantle” (a free mantle), and the pointer is a trident (a free mantle and a trident both feature on the city’s coat of arms).  A doctor runs along the pointer.
The shapes at each compass point, explain how visitors can remember their bearings: Hills in the East; Sea in the West; and Antarctica to the South.  In the Southern hemisphere the sun rises in the East, goes round to the North, and sets in the West.  The sun is shown on the weathervane in the North.
The weathervane was gifted to the City of Fremantle in August 2019 by Public Art for Fremantle Inc.  Thanks and artistic credits go to John, Sharon, Hannah and Simon Bird, Guy and Rod Weguelin, and John Woods.  Many others kindly provided ideas and support.
City of Fremantle Public Art Collection